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Another great coaching article from Rob today.

Everything takes less time when you know what to do. Knowing allows us to move through our days more effectively and end them with a level of confidence that we did what we should have. On the other hand, anything we let linger in the back of our minds distracts us.

Any decision we fail to make adds to the collection of crowded what ifs and what shoulds. We stand in a perpetual state of not knowing. Even the smallest decisions cause us tension.

Having a clear mind makes us peaceful.

Just think about it. It isn’t always about business. The decisions we make in our personal life are just as critical. One of the ways to look at your relationship with decisions is to look at your weekends.

Are you someone who, on a Saturday morning, would turn to your significant other and ask “What do you want to do today?” Of course, neither of you really knows or wants to commit. So you pretend to relax and scroll through your phone, emails, TV, whatever. Eventually though, the day slips away. You never decided to do anything. You feel guilty for wasting it rather than relaxed. But the real loss is this, if you had DECIDED to relax and have a lazy day, you wouldn’t feel guilty at all.

Isn’t it amazing?


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We all have to start where we are in life. You might not know everything, but you know how to contribute in SOME way. This is a really powerful “secret.” If you know that you can start where you are in life and in the universe, you’ll get ahead. Here’s the key to that.

The Little Drummer Boy

It’s the “Little Drummer Boy” option. The song is about a kid faced with not having any money and being told “Hey, here’s a King. What kind of gift will you give him?”

The Drummer Boy’s all like “I don’t have anything to give this guy.” He’s thinking “Oh crap. Here’s this king and I have no idea what to give him for a gift.” Everyone says back, “Well duh! Play your drums for him.” And the king (who’s a baby) is all into it.

Do what you know how to do. Start where you are with what you KNOW how to do.

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In and out

The person who loves our projects and understands our quirks and who is IN and not just someone buying something from us, they are who we strive to see succeed and happy. Those are the people we stay up late thinking about sometimes in the night.

But it requires work.

For there to be an “in,” there has to be access. Make it easy for people to reach you and have a genuine interaction.


The other sad truth is that for there to be an “in,” there has to be an “out.” This is the part people don’t want to talk about. But some people are not in. Decide what that means. Decide who can’t be in. (In my case, most of the “out” people self-select. I don’t choose to push people to the “out” category. They choose it by being impersonal and transactional in nature.)


So you need an in and an out, and you have to love extra hard on the “in” and wish the folks who are “out” the very best. Because they’re not bad. They’re just not the right fit for your in. We wish them nothing but the best.

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Who you are

No matter how much you think that people understand what you do, what you’re selling, what you’re about, they don’t. They’re busy. You’re busy. Everyone’s busy. So you have to fly that flag of yours loudly. You have to make it clear and obvious what you sell. You have to really be your own best and loudest voice in advocating for how you help the universe.

What does it say on your flag? Do people know? If you messaged a bunch of friends and asked them to explain what you do and how you help the world, would they say anything close to what you actually do? If not, guess who’s job that is to fix it?


I’m still working on mine.

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When at Last You See

Oh, what the heck. Haven’t you held on to this long enough? Sure you have. Look at your present, and let the past be.

I’m taking a break from cleaning my home to write this. The place was pretty messy. Like, really messy. Stuff was piling up. Dirt hid everywhere. I’ve collected a lot of “things” lately (some of it gifts from wonderful people, some of it work related), but I really hadn’t found homes for any of it. Just piles.

When at last you see…

All life is like this: we are comfortable with how it is until we finally see the difference, or what it could be. All life. You need a strong and healthy body to succeed.

My business over the last year had become really disjointed. I held some courses, did some tehnical works, managed few projects, got into some auctions. and basically threaded together a bunch of disparate parts that only had me in common. May be like running an ice cream stand that also sells oil changes. And that was fine, until I saw what it looked like, what it really looked like.

Choose to take action

I find lately that when I see more clearly what is supposed to be happening, what is supposed to be true, that it’s a lot easier to take action. I tackle task after task with vigor because I finally see the structure and the framework and the shape of what should be. In my home, I made a simple rule for today: put everything in a place or make it leave the premises.

But that’s a choice. You could choose differently. You could decide that you’ll just leave well enough alone, or not change anything, or keep the status quo, because why not? It works well enough, right?

There are choices you’ve been putting off. There have been whole swaths of your life (your business and your personal life) that you’ve been pretending not to notice. Today would be a great day to open your eyes and your thoughts and your guts and your vision of what you know you want to pursue. Because once you do that, what comes next promises to be really amazing.

Are you with me?


inspired by Chris Brogan


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If you can love someone with your whole heart, even one person, then there’s salvation in life. Even if you can’t get together with that person.

What we seek is some kind of compensation for what we put up with.

Spend your money on the things money can buy. Spend your time on the things money can’t buy.

(Haruki Murakami)

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Guide on how to pick a suit


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