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Another great coaching article from Rob today.

Everything takes less time when you know what to do. Knowing allows us to move through our days more effectively and end them with a level of confidence that we did what we should have. On the other hand, anything we let linger in the back of our minds distracts us.

Any decision we fail to make adds to the collection of crowded what ifs and what shoulds. We stand in a perpetual state of not knowing. Even the smallest decisions cause us tension.

Having a clear mind makes us peaceful.

Just think about it. It isn’t always about business. The decisions we make in our personal life are just as critical. One of the ways to look at your relationship with decisions is to look at your weekends.

Are you someone who, on a Saturday morning, would turn to your significant other and ask “What do you want to do today?” Of course, neither of you really knows or wants to commit. So you pretend to relax and scroll through your phone, emails, TV, whatever. Eventually though, the day slips away. You never decided to do anything. You feel guilty for wasting it rather than relaxed. But the real loss is this, if you had DECIDED to relax and have a lazy day, you wouldn’t feel guilty at all.

Isn’t it amazing?


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